The Finance Committee prepares the budget for the Ely United Methodist Church and reports to the Administrative Council. The committee meets to deal with any shortfalls or other budget concerns. The committee will also recommend Stewardship Programs designed to enable the church to meet the approved annual budget.

  • Treasurer - General, Memorial, and Building Funds:
    Treasurer of General Fund-
    Pay Church Bills out of General Fund
    Keep General Fund Records
    Member of Finance Committee
    Attending Member of Ad. Council
    Give Monthly Treasurer's Report at Ad Council
    Prepare for Annual Audit

  • Treasurer of Memorial Fund-
    Member of Memorial Committee
    Pay bills related to Memorials
    Keep Memorial Fund Records up to date
    Received/ Dispersed: Received from
    Dispersed for in Memory of
    Member of Finance Committee
    Turn in Monthly summary to Ad Council Prepare for Annual Audit

  • Treasurer of Building Fund-
    Pay bills related to Building Fund Expenditures
    Keep records of monies Received & Dispersed from whom for what
    Member of Finance Committee
    Turn in monthly summary to Ad Council
    Prepare for Annual Audit

  • Financial Recording Secretaries:

    Collections of Money-
    Collect Offerings
    Record Offerings collected on statements
    Deposit monies in appropriate accounts, General, Building, and Memorial
    Turn in Deposits Statements to Church Office
    Member of Finance Committee

    Recording of Offerings-
    Receive summary statements from those who collect money
    Keep Individual Members Records of Giving
    Fill out and give out Quarterly Statements & Year End Statement
    Assign Envelopes for Giving before New Year
    Mail out year end statements that are not picked up at church
    Member of Finance Committee